Folding Mountain Bike

There are many different kinds and styles of mountain bikes that you have to choose from, one of the most popular being the folding mountain bike. The folding mountain bike is extremely popular for a number of different reasons, namely that it is so incredibly mobile. After all typically when you go mountain biking you go to desolate and remote areas, and so you do not have a great means of transportation for your bike.

This means that if you need to get it over an especially rough area of terrain or over water for instance, that you will have to physically carry it, and this can be incredibly difficult, which is why the folding mountain bike is so ideal.

Any folding mountain bike typically looks just like any other mountain bike, only they are patented to be able to fold into a compact and easy to carry size within 30 seconds, and without the use of tools. When you buy a folding mountain bike for yourself you are joining the growing number of riders who openly enjoy taking their folding bike wherever their spirit of adventure takes them, and it also allows riders who are not necessarily that strong, for instance many women and children, to be able to keep up with the other riders.

If you are interested in purchasing a folding bike for yourself, then there are several great companies you should take note of. One in particular is Montague, which is a company that is known as being the world’s leading manufacturer of folding bikes. They are continually expanding their product line and partnerships and are definitely one of the most affordable options here as well.

Another great company offering these folding mountain bikes is Evans Cycles, a company that is known for being the largest independent bicycle dealer in the UK, and as well one of the largest mail order departments. Their range of bikes covers mountain bikes from leading brands such as Specialized, Trek, Kona and Saracen, just to name a few.

The folding mountain bikes are definitely worthwhile, and definitely worth the price that you will pay for them, especially when you consider the comfort and convenience that they are going to bring you. Just make sure that you take your time when deciding on a company to buy your folding bike from, so that you can get the best quality and value possible.


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