Why Smokeless Cigarettes Are Better Than Normal Cigarettes

No smoke cigarettes are becoming hot trend in youth these days. These types of cigarettes are called Smokeless cigarettes or electronic cigarettes which produce no smoke as the name say. The smokeless cigarettes don’t consists of harmful tobacco and they are very environmental friendly as well. All these made this type of cigarettes hot.

Some days back, almost no people know about these smokeless cigarettes but now, the users of smokeless cigarettes have been rapidly increased. This is all happened because of the advantages of the smokeless cigarettes over normal ordinary cigarettes. Although these don’t have tobacco, it does have nicotine in it but users have the option to choose the quantity of it unlike the normal cigarette which has fixed quantity.

If you keep the both smoking and smokeless cigarettes aside, it’s really hard to find the difference between the two as smokeless cigarettes look exactly as normal cigarette. Smokeless cigarettes also have battery, vaporizer and a cartridge to it but it weights same as normal cigarette. The smokeless cigarettes vaporize vapor instead of smoke and it has a cartridge on the front side in which nicotine in kept. Unlike other normal cigarettes, these types of cigarettes produce no tar at all in the other end of it.

These types of cigarettes are environmental friendly as well. It gives battery backup as much of 12 normal cigarettes and cartridge of 16 cigarettes. All in all, they cost way cheaper than the cost of ordinary cigarettes. The youth and women prefer these types of cigarettes more than the normal ones and these cigarettes can also be used in non smoking area such as schools, restaurants, act. These give you same experience with more spice. These are available in wide range of flavors and the companies will increase its flavor list in the near future.


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