Web Branding And The Big Horn Mountains

On a ranch near the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming a rancher listens to the local news on the radio on his way to work. He stops and looks over a meadow filled with grazing cattle. His pickup door squeals a protest as he steps out of the warm cab into the cold mountain air. He’s been up since five and watches as the sun begins to peek over the range to the east.

He tips his hat back and stretches and twists as bones pop and crackle. He downs another mouthful of what will have to pass as coffee as he rubs his stubbed chin and gazes at the cattle waiting on the other side of the fence.

He backs his horse out of the trailer and saddles up. Soon other trucks arrive and more men arrive to get the cattle rounded up. Other vehicles arrive a little later and a full meal is prepared for those involved in the cattle branding.

Some cattle will be dehorned, some vaccinated and all will be branded. It’s not that the rancher enjoys the pain a branding has on his herd as much as he is interested in maintaining the integrity of the herd.

After all, it’s not uncommon for a fence to blow down allowing the cattle to wander. A brand is the only way to know for sure which cattle belong to which rancher.

When any other rancher looks at these cattle there will be no doubt who the bovines belong to – they bear the brand of the owner. Any other rancher can quickly identify the owner of the herd.

This is a word picture of web branding. Your site, your company description, your logo and your content should all help easily identify you and set you apart from every other site on the World Wide Web – it should bear the brand of its owner.

Branding is an important element. Without it no one knows who you really are.

Branding your website is never easy it requires careful attention to detail and you may have to call in some help to map a plan to execute the best way to share your brand with others.

Web branding helps maintain the integrity of your site by making sure your site visitor understands there is something unique and identifiable about your business that may go a bit deeper than simply a description of the products or services you offer.

The idea of web branding may be difficult for online business owners to understand, let alone implement, but it all has to do with the development of concentrate core values and business principles that speak of integrity, character and personality.

As I’ve mentioned in other articles, this process is not simply about commissioning a really impressive logo or even coming up with a well-remembered positioning statement. It has to do with the core of who you are. Once you know that the information you have learned should filter into every aspect of your website.

Whether its cattle in Wyoming or a Web Site in Hong Kong branding is imperative.


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