Cheap Holiday In The Pyrenees Mountains

Your cheap holiday in the Pyrenees Mountains will include hiking the beautiful mountain trails and some find cuisine as well. You can plan to climb the mountains or bicycle through the beautiful trails. One thing is for sure, you are going to have fun filled week or two. The cities around the mountain base are charming and hospitable. You might decide to hike during the day and stay in the cities at night. You might stay in Oloron and Luz St. Saveur. The hotels you stay in are luxurious and quaint. They offer fine cuisine with some exceptional wine selections.

Whether you plan you trip with a tour guide or just want to explore the mountains yourself, you will find your cheap holiday in the Pyrenees will be exciting. You can walk the mountains and see the sheep glazing in the green grasses. The area is a true vision of pure and untouched beauty. Two trails that you want to hike are the Haute Route Pyreneenne and the Chemin de Grande Randonnee. This last trail is a little tougher to hike, you should be use to hiking in order to take this trail. Both trails should be used with caution and take along enough food and water.

You are going to find yourself exploring different areas of the Pyrenees Mountains and spending time in the hotels and restaurants at night. Depending on where you choose to stay, you will find some nightlife as well. The main attraction to this area is the mountains and the cities below offer luxury sleeping quarters for the weary hikers. You will also find golf courses and a castle to spend a night in if you wish. You can pick any city to stay in or you might pick a few different ones so you can explore other areas around the mountains.

You will also find your cheap holiday in the Pyrenees Mountains includes beaches, museums, historical sites, galleries, nature exhibits and national parks. You can enjoy some family fun or a romantic getaway. The Caves Park is special for a picnic and a day in the water. You will explore the caves and see the wonders that make this area so special. You are going to enjoy this cheap holiday vacation, there is more adventure than you could find somewhere else. With the mountains, you can plan a day of hiking, a night of sitting on the beach watching the waves as the sun goes down.

Whether you stay in Andorra, Basque County or Navarra, you will find a great view of the Pyrenees Mountains and have some exciting walks and hiking. If you are looking for a ski holiday, the Aragon Pyrenees and Midi Pyrenees is a great place to ski the slopes. They are fun for the family and have small slopes as well as advanced slopes. You are going to have many different things to do when you plan a cheap holiday in the Pyrenees Mountains. Dress for the weather as well.


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