How to Read Text On PMP??

Many people want to read text on their PMP  (portable media player)  but if the PMP doesn't have e-book reader, what do you do?? still you can read text on your PMP which many people don't know..Here's how:

Thing's Required :

A computer with windows XP on

And a PMP (with screen of course :P)


1) Download the TXT2JPG ( basically this software converts text to image ) portable version software from Here ( RapidShare)

2) Extract it and open the software

3) Click on the English language tab

4) Drag Any text,PDF,word file or copy and paste or type it

5) Adjust your PMP screen Resolution

6) Click on the “Text enhancement” tab and adjust whatever settings you want

7)  Click on the “Folder setting” tab and give the output path

8) Click On start and relax till it complete..And copy those image folder to your PMP and Read on!!:P


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