My first look on Nokia N97

Nokia N97 is one of the lucky gadget. Yeah, I know whats your next question:D because it able to get into my hands:D.

Yesterday I went to GVK-one malls here in hyderabad and nokia held a live demo there. luckyly N97 get into my hands and I just got 5mins to play with it:(

Photo Credits: Google, Couldn't able to capture one in my hands:(

Here is my first impression: The home screen is filled up with widgets and with a press of menu key which is located at the bottom of the screen brings up the menu. With a double tap on the icon, it will open up.

Viewing Photos: Viewing photos in N97 is a real pleasure but the touch screen response which let it down. I slided my fingure on the photo to view the next pic but it didn't detected on the first time. This happened twice for me.

Watching Videos: I watched khatron ka khiladi (akshay kumar's reality show) video for about 30sec. watching videos  in N97 is really great.Just one word Awesome! but loud speaker which dissapointed me; even my N73ME is sounds better.

Overall touch screen response is okay. By sliding the N97 it reveals the 3-row QWERTY. It slides in the form of arch and once again nokia dissapointed me. The QWERTY is also bit hard to press for a new user, one has to get used to it.

Thats all I checked in it, didn't able to check all the other stuff in this short time period. May be I able check out all the other stuff later some time (if N97 is lucky :P)...


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