My trip to GVK ONE malls - Hyderabad

      GVK has opened a mall with an investment of just 300 crore Indian rupees in Hyderabad...It’s one of the biggest mall in India. As it’s a weekend we (me & my friends) planned to give a visit to it yesterday. 

Photo Credits: Google, Couldn't able to take one.:(

      We went in an auto rickshaw so I couldn’t able to visit the parking area. Who cares about parking area when all the beauty is in the other side?:P I couldn’t able to take many pics because of crowed and all the pics which I took with my Digi cam Cum Mobile N73ME, obviously it will be super fine quality.

      Okay here it goes, after passing the security check and entering into the malls, the first beauty I’ve seen is the aquarium. Trust me; this is the one of the best thing my eyes have seen till now.

Photo Credits: Srikanth ( Its Me, Myself & I :P)

And there are lots and lot of branded stalls out there as usual went to check them out ,belts,suits,wallets,shirts,jeans food court, etc, etc. one funny incident took place while roaming in these stalls, my friend asked the cost of one paired shoe (i forgotten the name of the shoe) and he told its RS 1800. It is the very same shoe my friend bought for 900 from a local store. With many such incidents finally we came to 3rd floor where all the fun begins.

3rd floor is the fun zone!:D This fun zone in owned by my friends Dad so, everything is free of cost:D I done some biking,

^^^ My Friend :D

played basket ball, some shooting games, hammering ,punching, almost every game out there (its really long list) and finally we went to house of horror, mirror maze, 4Dx, shark den (something like that, I forgotten its name :P)


      House of horror: this is one of the scaring places I’ve ever went in. The sound effects, light effects, set, everything is Awesome. People inside this horror house also masked accordingly to it to scare the visitors. Overall it’s just awesome, Must visit place.


      Mirror maze: this one is more like a practical puzzle and it’s very complicated too. My friend’s best time is around 3:30sec and mine is around 12mins:P.overall it’s a nice experience.


      4Dx: I think this is the only place where we can watch 4D in India (not sure tough). Watched an animated movie in it and it rocked.


      Shark den (or Some thng like that :P): this one is more for kids. Not much to say about it. Neither bad nor good.


Over all GVK-ONE Rockzz when IT’S FREE:P :D



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