American Idol

Most households across America know that the trio of names – Simon, Randy and Paula, are the judges for the famed show American Idol. People tune in just to see if Paula and Simon can actually agree on something that happens or if they’re swatting at each other with annoyed looks on their faces. While some people love to watch it for the actual purpose of the show – to find talent and name that talented individual the next American Idol, others tune in just for the entertainment. Some singers almost appear to have been planted on the show as a cruel joke. Viewers love to watch Ryan Seacrest attempt to create dramatic moments and crack jokes to Simon. Whatever their reason for watching each week, it has been proven that people will continue to tune in weekly – almost as if it is an addiction.

The American Idol auditions are always good for some entertainment. Although some wannabes slip through the cracks just to get their few seconds of shame and fame, people will admit that watching the auditions can be a real treat. And every single year, hundreds of thousands of talented individuals stand in line for hours and hours just to have their few second shot at making it onto the show. Of course, more hopeful individuals walk out with rejection slips instead of moving forward. Still, American Idol has become a craze that just hasn’t faded out yet. It doesn’t matter that a few of the previous winners have disappeared off the planet, the few that have gone on to instant success have made viewers even more curious about the upcoming seasons. The craze has prompted American Idol T-shirts and stickers, notebooks, games and even a movie about two of the first season’s contestants. Whatever companies can create to cash in on the craze, they’re pushing to sell.

Towards the end of the American Idol season, the competition heats up. There are weeks that it will be on television three times in one week. There are devoted viewers who won’t miss a single moment of their favorite show but there are viewers who start to lose interest at that point. The last few seasons have had some shocking eliminations that have prompted some viewers to swear that they’ll never watch American Idol again. However, the ratings and the number so votes is always on the rise. Either those viewers still watch despite the controversy or more people are always tuning in. No matter which way you look at it, the American Idol craze is still far from being over. Each season will promise to be better than the last and more controversy is bound to surface. Isn’t that what being an American Idol is all about?


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