The Reason Why Satellite Tv Costs Less Than Cable

Satellite TV has become a very popular choice in comparison to cable TV because it’s more reliable, less expensive and provides you with an abundance of channels and networks including national and international, specially-broadcasted sporting events, satellite music stations and more. But did you ever wonder, with all its added benefits, why satellite TV is cheaper than cable?

Well, to start with, there’s the competition factor. For many years, cable was the only way to get clear reception and access local programming channels without the use of ‘rabbit ears’. And then of course, with the addition of the increasing number of broadcasting networks made available through cable, it gave the public an abundance of choices for both TV and movie viewing. But along comes satellite and it has to compete with something that has built up a reliable and trustworthy position in the public’s eye. So in an effort to grow their business and customer base, and not only compete with, but lure people away from the cable companies and retain those customers as well, the satellite service providers offered lower monthly pricing options as well as free installation in many instances.

So, with lower monthly payments, an increased amount of channels, special event broadcasts not available through the cable networks, music stations, movie channels and other unique features that cable doesn’t or didn’t, at the time, offer, many people began switching over from their cable TV companies to satellite service.

Another appealing feature with satellite TV in comparison to cable TV, is that the satellite TV companies’ customer service representatives are available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, unlike the cable companies who only work the regular Monday through Friday, 9-5 work week - and sometimes a half-a-day on Saturday. That can be incredibly frustrating when someone needs assistance with set-up or has general questions after regular business hours and/or on the weekend which is when most people actually have the time to contact customer service.

Of course, satellite TV reception is also much clearer and more reliable than cable TV which has greatly helped in maintaining its popularity and growth amongst the viewing public. And then there’s also the reduced expense on behalf of the satellite provider companies in regard to maintenance and service costs. There’s no need to send out a technician because there are no poles to climb, etc. If satellite service were be interrupted in an entire neighborhood – which is very rare and might only occur in cases of severe weather – everything can be ‘fixed’ either on the part of the customer adjusting the dish themselves, or through a computerized network at the satellite company’s office that accesses the actual satellite in space and adjusts/addresses any signal issues.

The bottom line is that the satellite TV service providers are well aware of all of this and additionally realize that they rank higher in customer service than the cable companies do. So, overall, from its inception through present, they’ve acknowledged that there’s no need to charge or increase their prices in order to compete with the cable companies.


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